Borderlands 3 now has cross-play except for PlayStation

Borderlands 3 It is a game by gearbox software and 2K, where, with endless weapons and a brand new adventure, you must navigate new worlds and enemies as one of four Vault Hunters, each with their own skill tree, abilities, and extensive customization options.

The Borderlands 3 cross-play update was announced a while ago. The update is now available online for Xbox One, Xbox X/S, Google Stadia , steam On Epic Games. With cross-play, it is possible to play with other people on different types of platforms. However, the update is not available for PlayStation. Sony imposes high costs on publishers who want to offer cross-play Play StationWhich could be the reason why Borderlands 3 update is not supported on the platform.

Although PlayStation has not yet fully opened for such an update with other platforms, it appears that Sony will encourage this more and more. This is what PlayStation Director Jim Ryan said during an interview with Axios That the company “supports and encourages interplay”. So this could also be coming to Borderlands 3, at no cost to 2K.

Various improvements in Borderlands 3 update

in brand new via play This update also includes a number of other game improvements such as increasing the level cap to 72. This gives players 70 skill points to spend in the characters’ four skill trees. The cartels also return with the return of the Revenge of the Cartels event, where players now already سبق Events They can play by choosing the one they want to play from the list.

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