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musicCharlie Simpson, Matt Willis, and James Bourne, better known as Busted, are preparing for a comeback. Earlier this week, the British band not only announced fifteen new songs, but also announced a brand new tour. In an interview with The Mirror, the trio now talk about their return for the first time. “When we broke up, I thought it was forever.”

Fans will have to be patient for a while, but Busted’s return is definitely a reality. In September, the band, known for the songs “Year 3000”, “Air Hostess” and “What I Go To School For”, will embark on a UK tour. Plus, Charlie, James, and Matt (all 39) have no less than fifteen new songs in store for their fans. Although the latter is nothing to worry about: all the classics will also be covered, although the ones in question have been slightly tweaked here and there.

the right moment

In The Mirror, the band members now tell more about their comeback. For example, the three gentlemen never expected that they would meet again. “When we broke up, I thought it was final,” it seems, among other things. Even if I feel now. “It took us a while to find the right path. But it’s been 20 years now, so it feels right.”

Whether many things should be tweaked to match the songs after 20 years. In their talk, the band said that they haven’t made a final decision yet. Although they admit that some things no longer make sense. In “What I Go To School For”, Charlie, Matt and James sing at one point that “the teacher’s going to be 33 by then”. “That’s so old,” it sounds like on the single. “We really do have a few options in mind,” the group frankly admits. “When we wrote the song in question, it seemed like 33 years old had progressed terribly. Only we’d be close to 40 ourselves,” we still seem to laugh.

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ticket window

Busted’s premiere will take place on September 2nd in Plymouth. The tour is scheduled to end on September 24. Ticket sales for the tour will begin March 31. Although there was a pre-sale on March 29th.

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