crazy!? Fantastic installation opening at Festival Dranouter: ‘We’re Going to Festival Without Worry’

crazy!? A striking interactive installation opened at Festival Dranouter on Friday afternoon. The installation is a giant head, and with it the organization Te Gek!? The non-profit organization that makes mental health a topic of discussion in Flanders, wants to give festival-goers “food for thought”.

Friday afternoon saw the official launch of the new Te Gek project!? A place in the presence of the Portland band, singer and presenter Jan de Smet. Heuvelland Municipal Council was also attended by Mayor Wieland De Meyer, Alderman Bart Fanker, and City Council President Bert Dues. Later in the festival some famous faces will pass this pavilion, including Guido Belcanto, Klaas Delrue from Yevgueni, Lara Chedraoui from Intergalactic Lovers, Wim Opbrouck, Wannes Cappelle…

something to think about

“Crazy!? The ‘Head’ turned into a company years ago,” explains Te Gek’s coordinator!? Mark Hellinks. “So this was taken as the basis for the installation, i.e. a large metal head floating a few meters above Festival Dranouter. It comes at regular intervals and as a festival visitor you can feed your head with ‘food for thought.’ These are strips of fabric on which you can write a positive and anonymous message to your head. (or your head)”.

‘After your message reaches the head, you are given a piece of ‘food for thought’ that you can tie around your head or wrist. It reads: I’m so crazy!? You too?’ The organization wants to draw attention to psychological problems and make clear that we are all at risk. One in four people will have to deal with psychological problems at some point.”

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Install by unik-id, resident artist Te Gek!? for ten years. “We contacted artist Martin Shubrook for this, who has been given a carte blanche to design and implement the metal head,” says the folks at unik-id. “The head is made of Corten steel, a metal that gets stronger when it rusts. People can deposit a message in the head from a ladder. With this initiative we wish a worry-free festival.”

Sarah and Ginty from Portland show the message they have to say goodbye to in the head moments later. © Eric Flamand Eric Flamand

The installation will be given a new destination after the festival. “The artwork is moving to Westouter. It will be shown at the Belcanto Classic on August 29,” said Mayor Welland de Meyer. “Te Gek has dominated this bike race!?”

any other business

In addition to organizing the Belcanto Classic and Festival Dranouter, Heuvelland also likes to promote activities related to mental health. “It’s really starting in the direction of the previous elections,” says Welland de Meyer. “After our questioning with the Heuvelland youth, we asked what things they wanted to change. Surprisingly, this is where the mental health approach emerged from. This is why the municipality is entirely dedicated to Te Gek!? It will soon receive the quality label “Zot van Te Gek!” ?” to receive.”

the crazy!? The suite is open today and also on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 August between 11:30 AM and 8 PM.

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