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The United Kingdom bids farewell to the Queen en masse. And David Beckham also wants to honor his queen in an appropriate manner. The former soccer star has been queuing around Westminster Hall since last night. Anonymous for a long time, until his existence suddenly went viral.

He did not need preferential treatment. International superstar David Beckham, like thousands of other Britons, did much to pay homage to the late Queen for the last time.

In an elegant suit with a Peaky Blinders hat, the international superstar silently accompanied several of his compatriots in a huge line to Westminster Hall at 3 pm yesterday.

Reportedly, Beckham brought cupcakes to fellow sufferers, who could hardly believe who would be joining them.

Inevitably, over time, Beckham’s presence went viral on social media. When the former football player was queuing for 12 hours, an additional queue arose to take a selfie or interview with Beckham.

The Englishman spoke modestly to the press. “I’ve been fortunate enough to be around the Queen at some points in my life,” said Beckham. “It’s a sad day, but also a day to remember her huge legacy.”

Beckham – after a 14-hour wait – was extremely emotional as he reached the Queen’s coffin.

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