Do you want to play in the new K3 movie by yourself? This is possible thanks to the new VR experience at Kinepolis | Antwerp

Antwerp / BrugesNo more leaning back in your chair and bombarding yourself full of popcorn. From now on, in Kinepolis, you can simply participate in the movie yourself thanks to virtual reality. As a spectator, for example, next week at the opening of cinemas, you will enter the world of the new K3 movie “Dance of the Pharaoh”. “This movie comes out right away with an interactive formula? Absolute first.”

For a virtual reality (VR) experience, Kinepolis has teamed up with The Park, which previously turned popular TV formats into a virtual gaming environment. For example, players can already participate in the fantasy series “De Dag” by Jonas Gernert and others and experience the feeling of playing as a candidate in “De Mol”. For the new K3 movie ‘Dance of the Pharaoh’ and two other virtual reality games, The Park has created a VR environment of over a hundred square meters where visitors can roam freely with VR goggles in Kinepolis Antwerp, Bruges and Breda. and Utrecht.

Whoever wears the glasses sits like an avatar, 360 degrees in the middle of the game decor, you can roam freely and you can see your fellow players moving beside you, you can talk to them and interact during the game.

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Visitors enter the world of K3 for themselves. © Kinepolis / The Park


“After a seven-month shutdown, we’re not only excited to be able to start again with a virtual reality experience, but also because we can launch this first all of a sudden,” says Philippe de Schutter, CEO of The Park. “Obviously we haven’t been idly idly behind the scenes lately, the collaboration with Kinepolis goes far beyond simply expanding our stadiums. We’ve been able to showcase our innovations in the local media landscape. A movie that starts right away with an interactive movie and is called immersive alternative come out? Absolute first. Definitely in the same place.”

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“We can immerse fans in cinema action more than ever before. We hope this concept spreads and we look forward to expanding further to additional locations and releasing innovative new and specially inspired games locally.”

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The park is in Kinnepolis.
The park is in Kinnepolis. © Kinepolis / The Park

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“Our cinemas are easily accessible and attract a wide audience,” continues Eddie Duquen, CEO of the Kinepolis Group. “We try to bring different activities together on our sites, as we have done with our catering partners for longer. The Park offers an additional entertainment experience that is complementary to a visit to the cinema. The fact that this creates opportunities to experience virtual reality that are directly related to a movie from our group is another reason to get into this Collaborate with great enthusiasm.”

From Wednesday, June 9, visitors can visit Kinepolis locations for three different VR games. In addition to the family game “K3 – Pyramid of Love” associated with the new movie, there is also the adventure game “De Mol” and the zombie game “The Hallow”. Virtual reality sessions last half an hour and are suitable for two to six players, and can be booked independently of the cinema visit.

You can also take part in De Mol in The Park in Kinepolis.
You can also take part in De Mol in The Park in Kinepolis. © Kinepolis / The Park

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