Gert Coleman (Lab9) is looking for start-up entrepreneurs with a new format

KORTRIJK – Started in Kortrijk, but active throughout Flanders, Lab9 Pro, the country’s largest Apple Premium Partner, is a rental formula for starting self-employed people, more specifically for Apple devices and accessories. Often, self-employed people can’t rent products until after one year. With the Lab9 Pro formula, they can do this three months after creating their business. “With this service, we want to take the investment pressure off the self-employed and stimulate entrepreneurship in Belgium,” says Gert Kohlmann, CEO of Lab9.

Gert Coleman, CEO of the Lab9 Group, explains why he came up with this formula: “Until now, in our country, it was very difficult for beginners to rent Apple devices,” says Coleman. “There was simply no show for it.” . The only option for them was to wait until they were active for a year and then also have to submit certain results in order to get a contract. This has already excluded a portion of the self-employed. Thanks to our leasing formula, it has become much easier for all start-up entrepreneurs to start using Apple devices in the initial period of their business.”

formula with benefits

This new service from Lab9 Pro offers some definite benefits to budding entrepreneurs. First, they can avoid the cost of investing in an Apple device by spreading their costs through leasing.

In addition, it has great flexibility. Depending on their needs, they can add appliances or accessories to their rental formula. For example, with the device they can also rent software (Adobe and Microsoft), accessories from Apple or third parties (extra monitor, hard drive, keyboard, mouse, etc.), but also a service. This includes, for example, warranty extensions, additional protection against drop damage, moisture damage and theft, pick-up and return service for repairs, but also care contracts including device configuration and/or on-site installation.

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Finally, the lease provides always-on access to the latest Apple technology.

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