Israel’s foreign minister calls the Polish government “anti-democratic” | abroad

“Gone are the days when the Poles abused the Jews without consequences,” Minister Lapid said. “We do not fear anti-Semitic threats and do not intend to condone the disgraceful behavior of the anti-democratic Polish government,” she said. Minister Lapid summoned the envoy of the Israeli embassy in Warsaw on Saturday night for indefinite talks, and announced that the new Israeli ambassador to Poland, who was due to arrive in the eastern European country in the following days, would not travel to Poland. He advised the Polish ambassador to Israel not to return to Israel after leaving his homeland.

The dispute stems from an amendment to Poland’s administrative law, which was passed last week. The amendment states that administrative decisions can no longer be appealed in court after 30 years. Israel fears that the amendment will end compensation for the confiscation of Jewish property during the Holocaust.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki responded sharply to criticism of Israel on his Facebook page. He announced that measures had been taken to ensure the safe return of the children of the Polish ambassador to Poland. He cited the “rising anti-Poland hatred” in Israel on Polish state television as the reason.

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