look. A senior Republican politician (81) “freezes” again during the press conference and stares silently for seconds | outside

Mitch McConnell, 81, the Republican leader in the US Senate, was surprisingly silent during a press conference on Wednesday. This is the second time in a month that this has happened to him, which once again raises questions about the health of the 81-year-old Republican leader.


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The 81-year-old Republican held a press conference in Convington, Kentucky, on Wednesday afternoon. Images broadcast by NBC show how he suddenly appeared to react confused when a reporter in the room asked him if he would run for re-election in 2026. At first, McConnell asks to repeat the question, then stares into the depths without saying anything. And the politician stays like this for a few seconds. One of his employees comes to the rescue and repeats the question in the senator’s ear, eventually calling a second employee. “Sorry, we need a moment,” she told reporters present.

Finally, the staff exchanges a few words with the senator, after which a reporter asks another question. The clerk repeats the question loud and clear, and McConnell begins to answer, but his voice becomes increasingly inaudible. In the end, the man is led away by his comrades. According to the spokesperson, McConnell felt “momentarily dizzy” and will see a doctor.

It is a repeat of an incident that occurred a month ago, on July 27th. Then, too, McConnell suddenly “froze” during a press conference.

In March, McConnell was hospitalized after a fall that left him with a concussion and a broken rib. A McConnell aide said after today’s incident that “although the senator is feeling fine, he will now see a doctor before any public event as a precaution.”

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And the 81-year-old Republican leader in the US Senate “froze” during a press conference. © via Reuters

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