New trailer revealed for ‘REKA’ adventure, Magical Cottage-Building Adventure set in 2024

Fireshine Games and Emberstorm Entertainment today unveiled an all-new trailer for their charming cottage-building adventure REKA, taking a closer look at the game’s charming gameplay ahead of its launch next year.

The new trailer, revealed at the Future Games Showcase, shows a deeper look at the building and customization capabilities of the player’s Chicken Leg House, a magical walking house that will accompany them on their journey. Design and decorate the interior of your walking house with complete creative freedom, find new decorative items and make it your own in a third-person home exploration and building adventure. Control your very own custom chicken coop on a journey through different locations inspired by 19th century Europe.

Launching on PC via Steam in 2024, REKA takes players on a magical adventure as an aspiring Slavic witch who travels across the countryside with her companion hut: a huge, sprawling, chicken-legged house that players will encounter throughout their adventure. To build, adapt and expand. .

Venture through enchanting landscapes with your home and upgrade your home with additional rooms, furniture, items and souvenirs you come across on your journey. Forge an unbreakable bond as you explore new landscapes together, with the guidance of Baba Yaga during your apprenticeship through villages, mysterious forests and more.

“The response to REKA on social media has been overwhelming, and we know fans are very excited to see more of the game’s magical wandering house,” said Katie Clark, Senior Product Manager, Fireshine Games. “We hope fans love what they see in the latest game trailer, and we can’t wait for everyone to get out into the wild and unleash their creativity with their companion house when REKA launches next year.”

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