Suffering from hay fever? It is better (not) to go on vacation to these countries

For people with hay fever, summer is a less pleasant time of year. In the Netherlands, it can cause annoying flu symptoms and cold complaints in May and June, but you’re not safe everywhere outside either. We have included a list of popular European countries, with the months when it is best (not) to go on holiday.


In fact, Portugal is pollen-free only in the months of November and December. Most grass pollen is active between June and July, but from January to October, you should watch out for pollen from different types of grass and trees.


Pollen concentration is very low compared to a number of other Mediterranean countries. This is because the air is much drier than, for example, in France, but the hay fever season here is a little longer than in the Netherlands: from March to September.


France has different types of natural areas, and different plant species are found in each area. In general, the pollen season runs from May to July, but the amount of pollen can vary from region to region.

United kingdom

The hay fever season in England lasts from June to the end of July. In the north, the pollen season begins later than in the south. Hay fever is often caused here by grass and plant pollen. In the hilly regions of Wales and Scotland, pollen concentrations are much lower than in the rest of the country, so this can be an ideal place to escape if hay fever increases.


German pollen season lasts from February to August, and anyone who develops an allergic reaction to tree pollen should be especially careful in the period from June to August. In the coastal regions of Germany, in the north of the country, they are less likely to get hay fever

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Here too, people allergic to hay fever should seek a spot on the coast. Pollen season in Belgium runs from April to June, and you’re most vulnerable in the Ardennes.

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