No Time to Die director optimistic about James Bond’s future on the big screen

No time to dieDirector Cary Fukunaga is pleased that the film received an exclusive theatrical release and did not appear on the streaming or video-on-demand service at the same time.

“Companies like Warner offer their films theatrical releases and live broadcasts,” says Fukunaga. “I don’t think this is the future, but I understand why studios think differently. They are more interested in broadcasting subscriptions than they are in selling movie tickets.”

Because of Amazon’s planned acquisition of James Bond studio MGM, Fukunaga feared that No time to die It will end up on Amazon Prime. “I had absolutely nothing to say in it, but I was worried that might be the case if the studio needed the money and had to cut their losses. So I’m thankful we waited for the movie to be released until people again found it safe to go to the movies.”

According to Fukunaga, producer Barbara Broccoli will ensure that future James Bond films will also receive exclusive theatrical releases. Broccoli, along with Michael G. Wilson, runs Eon Productions, which has the final say in the franchise.

“Thanks to Barbara and Michael, James Bond has remained a strong brand,” says Fukunaga. “They’ve had offers for TV series, spin-offs, and Lego adaptations, and they’ve all rejected them. They’ve kept the franchise pure and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.”

“I never say something is impossible because I want to see a Lego/James Bond movie,” he continues. On the other hand, I understand their love for the cinema experience and it is important to protect them. The fact that people in the UK and other countries are flocking to it No time to die We’ll check it out, something we haven’t seen during lockdowns is amazing.”

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“We shot the movie with IMAX cameras and it’s for the big screen,” he adds. Bond films must be experienced in cinema. People should go see it with their parents, children and friends. Movies should be events. This has been the case for generations. Can’t imagine it No time to die It was first shown on the streaming service.

Source: Indiewire

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