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At the beginning of this day, Mieke De Ketelaere (AI Director at imec, IDLab) will speak. In her talk, we learn about her book Human vs. Machine and together we look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of AI in 2021. In this way it turns out that AI is not just about data and technology, but also about the need to make good decisions, based on people and processes . Then we turn our attention to the project “Solve for Tomorrow”. Together with Samsung and UGent, we have developed a university-wide extracurricular challenge, which will also be incorporated into the Master’s Program in Communication Sciences. During this challenge, UGent and Samsung challenge students to improve health and well-being in Ghent neighborhoods using technology.

Samsung’s marketing perspective on health and well-being

Ghent University and Samsung are collaborating to get MSc students in Communication Sciences to reflect on the challenges of the digital economy and artificial intelligence (AI). What exactly is artificial intelligence? What role does artificial intelligence play in our daily lives? , and “What is the societal impact of artificial intelligence?” These are the questions we will deal with that day. More specifically, the main theme of this year’s Digital Economy Day is “health technologyIn particular, whether and how technology can improve an individual’s health.

Video message from Benjamin Brown, CMO Samsung Europe

In this letter, Benjamin Brown explains how Samsung views the “Global Goal” in terms of health and well-being, and how Samsung also loves to collaborate with college students. Explains how Samsung uses technology for health and well-being, demonstrates how it also supports strategic partnerships and scale-ups for the same goal, asks for your help and inspires you in how they (and tech companies in general) can do so much more, do better (and communicate better about this) command) in the form of the Solve4Tomorrow Challenge Program.

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Solve4Tomorrow Challenge

Below is an explanation of how you as students deal with this challenge from different disciplines, what you are working on (Pitch Competition), and the guidelines we give you

Friday 10/29 at 10:15 AM

To be announced

To be announced



  • 9:00: Mieke De Ketelaere, AI Director at imec
    Artificial Intelligence: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • 10:15: Video message from Benjamin Brown, CMO Samsung Europe
  • 10:30: Solve4Tomorrow Challenge Door, Sven Adams, Corporate Affairs and Communications Officer, Samsung
  • 11:00: Closing by Sophie Van Powell
  • 11:30: MIW 2021 reception closes with snack and drink

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