The developers of Lightyear Frontier explain why they're launching on Game Pass

Today, the concept of Game Pass is no longer new and many other companies have launched their own game subscription service. As you probably know, Microsoft releases its own titles directly on Game Pass, but it's also common for third-party games to be released on day one, often indie titles.

Many have discussed the effects of this, both good and bad, and in a new interview with Real achievementsFrame Break CEO Joachim Kopriva Hedström talks about his decision to bring the newly released Lightyear Frontier directly to Game Pass. He says he sees it as a great way to reach new audiences who may be unwilling to buy such an exotic title, claiming that the concept “It's very difficult to explain in words (there are so many ways people can interpret the phrase 'mechanical farming'), so we hope Game Pass will lower the barrier of entry for people who are hesitant to try the game and understand where it's all about.”

He also says Microsoft got involved early, even before it was announced, when Frame Break picked up ID@Xbox to self-publish Lightyear Frontier. This later led to a lot of positive attention and the decision to release it on Game Pass upon premiere. Now they hope more players will dare to expand their horizons:

“Lowering the barrier to entry does a lot to allow players to try out games they might otherwise be hesitant to buy, and makes it easier than ever for players to explore and expand their gaming tastes. I hope this makes it possible that more experimental and niche games can find their audiences and achieve success.” “Success where they would have struggled on traditional distribution platforms.”

We really liked the Lightyear Frontier (Early Access) and you can read our thoughts on it in our review here. But guess what, did Game Pass push players to venture into games they would otherwise hesitate to buy?

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