the health. Antibiotics can eliminate Lyme disease

Lyme disease, transmitted by a tick bite, affects 50,000 people in France each year. Among them, about 850 patients were hospitalized as a result of this infection caused by Borrelia bacteria. Also known as borreliosis, this disease is treated with broad spectrum antibiotics, such as doxycycline or amoxicillin, which are widely used against a range of other infections. But American researchers say in a study: Discover a more effective way to treat disease.

An antibiotic fell into oblivion

Discovered in the 1950s and quickly forgotten, the antimicrobial hygromycin A is “exceptionally effective” against the bacteria that cause Lyme disease, said Kim Lewis of Northeastern University in Boston, USA. However, this compound was considered relatively harmless against most infections at the time. But the researchers’ discovery shows that it targets Borrelia, unlike current treatments, which have negative effects on gut bacteria and promote bacterial resistance to antibiotics. After testing it in mice, US scientists believe that hygromycin A, which is used even in high doses, “shows no signs of toxicity, indicating that this compound is safe,” Futura Sciences reports.

Has Kim Lewis’ team found the miracle cure for Lyme disease? Some doctors consider it a real public health problem, but the question is: The subject of controversy. In some affected patients, borreliosis develops into a chronic form (between 2 and 10% depending on sources) and can cause serious problems with the joints, skin, or nervous system. The National Agency for Health Security (Anses) says these “sometimes lead to severe disability”.

Eliminates the evil of the roots

The researchers also believe that their discovery could make it possible to “wipe” Lyme from the environment, by placing the “bait” in specially degraded natural areas. Thus it refers to the large-scale trials that have already been done with antibiotics that are naturally occurring, but which cannot be conducted on a large scale due to the risks to the environment. Instead, Americans believe that the old antibiotic would be “ideal” because it would not be “harmful” and because it only attacks the bacteria in question.

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If there is a vaccine that works against Lyme disease, the study highlights the potential of this treatment to solve the problem “at the source.” The scientists now plan to expand their research to: SyphilisIt is a sexually transmitted disease and antimicrobials can also work against it. The bacteria in origin are actually the same type that causes Lyme disease.

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