The latest beta version of Photoshop adds AI-generated images via text input

With the latest beta version of Photoshop, Adobe wants to get rid of the blank slate that everyone starts with. By entering text, you can now create a preliminary image to build on.

A year after launching generative AI in Photoshop, Adobe is expanding its AI tools in the latest beta version of the software. The most important innovation is artificial intelligence via text input. With this, Adobe hopes to lower the barrier to getting more out of Photoshop for both professionals and casual users.

Erin Boyce, director of marketing at Adobe, says it well Engadget. “A large, blank canvas can sometimes be the biggest hurdle. Generative AI accelerates creativity time. The idea of ​​putting something from your head onto a canvas has never been easier.”

The new feature is simply called “Create Image” and will be available as an option in Photoshop in addition to the traditional option that lets you import images into the app.

Meanwhile, Adobe is adding many other AI functions and other novelties. We have listed the most important ones below:

  • Reference image It helps creatives achieve the output they envision, using user-defined images as creative inspiration.
  • Convert text to image with create image Go from blank page to content by inserting full text into an image directly in Photoshop.
  • Create background Replaces and creates backgrounds, making it easier than ever to create content that blends seamlessly with existing images.
  • Generate similar Allows creators to repeat shapes of their choice to expand on creation ideas with more precise control.
  • Enhanced details Refine images to improve sharpness and clarity.
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It's not all about AI in Photoshop. Adobe is also providing a number of new tools to make design and creation easier. These are the most important innovations:

  • With the Adjustment brush It allows users to easily apply non-destructive adjustments to specific parts of images.
  • The philanthropist com. fontbrowser Provides real-time access to over 25,000 fonts in the Adobe cloud without leaving Photoshop
  • Presets Allowing designers to easily change the look of images with filters that apply effects with one click with the ability to create and save custom presets as well.

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