The Omikron variant is appearing in more and more places in Europe, with the first country closing its borders

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A few more letters in the Greek alphabet, another “worrying variant” according to the World Health Organization. Omicron is primarily known to be highly contagious, a variant with many mutations, and that these mutations may make it less susceptible to existing vaccines.

One of our women tested positive for the omikron variant. Cases of the variant have also been confirmed in Israel, the Netherlands, Australia, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, Italy, Egypt and Malawi.

The World Health Organization warned countries on Friday not to rush into imposing travel restrictions, but there are already a series of travel bans in place.

– in a Belgium From Sunday, an entry ban will apply to nine South African countries, namely Botswana, Swaziland (e.g. Swatini), Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe. An important exception is for Belgians and people who reside in Belgium. They must be quarantined for ten days if they have stayed in the relevant African countries within the past fourteen days.

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– the Member States of Europe Previously agreed to an entry ban from seven countries, just like Singapore And CanadaBrazil He chooses to ban entry from six African countries. the United States of America It has entry bans from eight African countries, Australia from nine and Japan From most of South Africa.

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– He. She United kingdom It has entry bans from ten African countries. In addition, all people traveling from any country to the UK must take a PCR test on the second day after their arrival. They must self-isolate until they can present a negative test result.

Israel Its borders will be closed to all foreigners from Sunday evening. In addition, the procedures for returning travelers will also be tightened. All returning Israelis must be in isolation. If they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and pass a negative PCR test, they may stop it after three days. Residents who have not been vaccinated are not allowed to leave isolation until after seven days in case of a negative test. Foreigners who nevertheless obtained permission to enter the country are obliged to quarantine in the “coronavirus hotel” provided by the state.

Switzerland All direct flights from South Africa are prohibited. All travelers from Belgium, South Africa, Hong Kong, Israel, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Egypt and Malawi will be required to submit a negative coronavirus test and quarantine.

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