The UK will become an expensive workplace for European scientists

Since Brexit, European scientists who want to work in the UK must not only apply for a visa, but also pay significant additional health costs in advance. Not everyone is waiting for that.

Now that Brexit is a reality, EU scientists need to apply for a visa to work in the UK. This includes not only the required paperwork, but also all kinds of additional costs. This may be one reason why many researchers are thankful for a British job, Reports Times Higher Education Magazine.


How is that? The application fee for a scientist’s own visa will not be an issue in most cases: for EU workers Size Those 55 pounds. If you want to bring a partner and children, you will pay significantly more for them, according to the British government’s website: at least 10 610 per person.

But those costs are one time. The mandatory ‘health surcharge’, an annual additional contribution to gaining access to British health care, is even more expensive. This is an additional charge Generally 24 624 per person per year.

Push it forward

A Calculation example: A scientist who wants to move to the UK with a partner and two children pays around ,500 2,500 (approximately 9 2,900) a year for this health grant. There are also one-time application costs for a visa.

The main problem is that the costs of a full-time visa must be paid in advance of the health allowance at the same time. In other words, if one plans to work in the UK for a long time, more money should be in the savings account. For a stay of three years, the aforementioned family must pay ten thousand euros in advance.

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Get your money back

Will that money be lost forever? Unnecessary. As stated in it Central government If someone insures in the Netherlands, there are “possibilities” for a health premium to be refunded. But that is what the “British executives” decide.

Yes, on their website as well Is becoming This is referred to as “full or partial repayment” to some EU employees. But no guarantees are given and the conditions for a type of visa seem to vary. Anyone wishing to withdraw money should contact the National Health Service in any case.

In a nutshell: This is not very clear and is true of substantial advance change. The question is whether European scientists are waiting for this. According to the Times Higher Education, British universities have seen a decline in the interest of European educators from Brexit, to higher senior positions and to postgraduate ones.

What about students?

Students are a little more sure, Know Internationalization Organization Nuffic. If they study in the UK for more than 6 months, they too will have to pay a $ 470 health surcharge per year. But they can only recover that amount from January 1, 2022. The spokesman explains that this also applies to students who are already going to study in the UK this year.

Anyone who wants to study more at a prestigious British university should dig deep into their pockets anyway. Take a full bachelor’s degree at Oxford, for example Costs Dutch students will pay between 27 and 38 thousand pounds a year from September: three to four times more than before.

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