Three tips to not give intruders a chance during the summer period

Security expert Eric Westhovens offers three tips to give hackers any chance during the summer. IT and security officials are also entitled to vacation. Unfortunately, hackers will not miss a moment to carry out the attacks.”

Three tips:

Tip 1: Discuss with users and teach them to keep their own business email address and private business email address. There is another campaign circulating on Facebook: did you watch this video or is that you in this video. If you then log in and use your company account, you will have a breach and hackers can access your company data. Also for web stores etc, use your own email address. During the data breach of all cables a year or two ago, we saw a large number of corporate email addresses with passwords compromised. Users tend to use the same password for many services. Many companies have experienced data breaches in this way because users were not sufficiently familiar with these methods.

Tip 2: Do you have Azure AD P1 or P2, MFA enabled. I know users find it very difficult and annoying, but without MFA, you are a constant target. MFA is the last line of defense for account breaches and has already prevented many data breaches.

Tip 3If you are already using the MFA, take a look at the MFA. It makes it a lot easier for your user while reducing attack vectors easily.
Usernames with passwords are a message that is sent from heaven to the hacker. In the Darknet, there is a lot of trading in valid usernames with passwords and once the user has access, hackers will soon be able to get their hands on it.

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In short, with MFA, and all the way with MFA, you can create a quick barrier and user accounts with associated passwords are worthless because the second step is required. Setting up the MFA is certainly not rocket science, nor is it as hard on the user as it seems.

Written by: Eric Westhovens

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