Tourist Office: The Dutch often take a plane for vacation

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Many Dutch people travel for holiday this year and often take the plane for it. According to the Dutch Tourism and Convention Bureau (NBTC)’s Holiday Sentiment Observatory, “holiday intentions are now being converted into tangible bookings.” The study indicates that the percentage of Dutch people who have already booked a holiday is 40%. That was 25 percent at the beginning of this year.

The study also looked at holidaymakers in Belgium, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States. NBTC says Europe is the favorite holiday destination for the Dutch, accounting for 60 percent of vacations. Thus, the plane is the most chosen mode of transport at 48 percent, but the car is also a popular way to go on holiday. 37 percent of those surveyed indicated that they would take the car. Only 6 percent of holidaymakers use the train.

The most popular accommodation among vacationers is a hotel or guest house, followed by an apartment. Housing is often rented from a private individual or from a house belonging to family, friends or acquaintances. Bungalow or camp gardens get relatively high marks among the Dutch. A quarter of Dutch people are planning a holiday in their country.

The NBTC is of the opinion that due to the high rate of inflation, many people adjust their behavior while on vacation. For example, by going on one less vacation per year, choosing cheaper accommodation or eating out less often. Families in particular choose to save on expenses during the holidays.

NBTC Director Jos Vranken stated that many people are still orienting themselves on vacation. “So more holidays will be booked in the next 12 months, which shows that going on holiday remains important in spite of everything.”

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The NBTC also finds that the Netherlands remains a popular destination for tourists from Germany and Belgium. According to Vranken, this is good news for the Dutch tourism sector.

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