Trump wants to boycott Coca-Cola, but he drinks it himself in secret

The Coca-Cola Company angered Donald Trump and the Republican Party. This became evident at the start of this week when the former president called for a boycott of all Coca-Cola products. But according to some attentive Twitter users, Trump is not adhering to that boycott at all.

A photo posted by Trump advisor Stephen Miller shows that a Coca-Cola bottle may be visible. The bottle has been expertly hidden behind the phone. But a few attentive Twitter users still spot the red of the world-famous poster. Incidentally, Trump – who does not drink alcohol – is known to be a fan of him Diet Cola, He drank up to 12 per day.

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The hidden Coca-Cola bottle.
Photo: Twitter

On Saturday, however, Trump called for a ban on all products from the multinational company. Coca-Cola CEO James Quincy has spoken out against the new Georgia election law. The electoral law was designed by Republicans: registration would become more complicated, early voting would be more difficult and the number of electoral offices would be very limited. Many of these adjustments come to the points that Trump has attacked in vain in his bombing of claims of “mass electoral fraud” to reverse the outcome. After Coca-Cola spoke out against the new law, a whole host of other multinationals like Apple and Home Depot followed suit, who were of the same opinion.

The photo in question was taken at Trump’s new office in Maralago, Florida. In addition to the Coca-Cola bottle, there are a number of other surprising details to note. For example, there are glasses for reading on the desk. Trump is rarely seen wearing glasses, he hates wearing glasses. It also looks like Trump has a statue of himself. There is also a piece of wall he built between Mexico and the United States. The stone has been converted into a souvenir of the president and now adorns his office.

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Trump wants to boycott Coca-Cola, but he drinks it himself in secret
Trump has a statue of himself in his new office.
Photo: Twitter

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