Two children and three hikers die in severe weather in Austria


Thursday’s severe weather also claimed human lives in Austria. In the southern state of Carinthia, two children died when trees fell near a small lake in Sankt Andhra. Three hikers have died after a lightning strike in the amusement park in Lower Austria.

gjssource: BELGA

The children who died were said to be no more than eight years old. Still in Sankt Andhra, 12 people were seriously injured, according to the police and Red Cross report, and one person is said to be missing.

According to preliminary information, the gamers hid in a hut as a tree struck by lightning fell on it.

a lot of damage

The storm also destroyed rows of trees along the A2 motorway in Carinthia, and power was cut off in the tunnels. Important contact with Italy has been closed in several places for cleaning and repair work. There were also problems with the power supply elsewhere. For example, 20,000 households without electricity. According to the Austrian Meteorological Service, gusts of up to 140 kilometers per hour were measured.

Earlier, it was announced that five people were killed in Corsica and two others were killed in Tuscany.

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