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Vatu, the world’s oldest western lowland gorilla, blew out 65 candles last Wednesday. To celebrate, she was pampered with a fruit pie at the Berlin Zoo.

Berlin Zoo wrote on Instagram “Our lady gorilla celebrates her 65th birthday today, making her the oldest gorilla in the world. This year’s traditional Christmas cake cannot be missed. A Christmas meal is always very special for Fatou. The zoo posted on Instagram Pictures of the gorilla feeding on the cake, which is painted with a large letter “65” with fruits.The cake consists mainly of cottage cheese, vegetables and fruits with a rice bottom, according to the zoo.

Fatou has lived at the Berlin Zoo since 1959. A captain is said to have handed over the young gorilla in Marseille at that time to pay his bill in a pub. After that she was taken to various places in Europe, until the Berlin Zoo bought Fatu. The zoo estimates that the gorilla must have been around two years old when it arrived.

The zoo describes Fatou as “a very calm lady for her age with a healthy appetite. We are grateful every day to have her with us, and hopefully we can celebrate a number of birthdays with her.” Gorillas are one of the few animals in the Berlin zoo that have been bred in the wild.

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In 2019, the Guinness Book of World Records ranked Fatou as the world’s oldest living gorilla in captivity. Before that, Trudy, a gorilla from 1956, held the title, but on July 24, 2019, at the age of 63, she breathed her last at the zoo in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.

Fatou enjoys her birthday cake. © Reuters

65-year-old Fatu is the oldest gorilla in the world.

65-year-old Fatu is the oldest gorilla in the world. © Reuters

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