“Ya Salaam” Artists Want To Promote Maghrib Music On VK (Video)

April 22, 2023 – 4:00 PM – Culture


In the United Kingdom, seven artists from the Maghreb have released “Ya Salaam”, a mix of Moroccan rhythms and British gospel. Their goal is to put Maghrib music on the map in Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s country.

“Ya Salaam” is a gem from artists Mira May and Flomin, Smalx, Art Odds, YP, Blest and Sipka and was produced in collaboration with Spotify’s notable studio. The song combines Moroccan sounds with British drill and gospel sounds. “Collaboration is more than music. It’s something we want to pass on to the next generation and beyond,” said YP, an American artist of Moroccan and Filipino descent.

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The program aims to nurture the next generation of producers and provide them with new opportunities. “North African music is represented in the UK, but not as much as it should be,” said Mira May, a British singer of Algerian descent. “So when other people are working on similar projects, I immediately turn to them.”

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Noufal El Amrani, Senior Artist & Label Partnerships Manager at Maghreb, explains the project. “Music in our region is at one of its most exciting times, an export product that connects new fans across borders like never before.”

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