Critical Tourism Week in June

Next week will be pivotal in Greece’s efforts to ease travel from Britain and Russia and boost tourism activity in June, which appears to be the weakest month in terms of booking conditions.

The United Kingdom classified Greece in the “Amber” destination group, which means that travelers returning to Great Britain from this country must be subject to quarantine for at least five days, while Russia does not currently allow an increase in the number of flights between the two. Countries, especially with citing concerns about the epidemic.

However, by the middle of next week, London will likely reclassify some Greek destinations (especially the islands), place them on the “green” list, and free visitors from the obligation to quarantine upon their return.

In the middle of next week, Deputy Foreign Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis is expected to hold a conference call on this issue with the co-chair of the Joint Ministerial Committee between Greece and Russia, Russian Minister of Transport Vitaly Saveliev, to set a date for the conference. Travel will be resumed based on the most recent health data.

There has already been a flurry of online consultations between the committees of virus experts in the two countries that sources say are bearing fruit. However, political analysts estimate that the crisis with Belarus has exacerbated Moscow’s stance towards the European Union in general, which has also affected Greece to some extent.

Given the high demand from potential Russian visitors to Greek destinations and the Greek government’s recognition of Russian vaccines, reducing the flow of travelers from Russia could make the difference between losses and marginal profits in June for a large number of hoteliers.

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It appears that British tourists will not be able to arrive in large numbers this month, even if flights were allowed to enter the UK without restrictions from a handful of Greek islands, that would not be the case for most of the country’s tourist destinations. The next review of UK travel policy is expected at the end of June.

On top of these two challenges for Greek tourism, despite previous Dutch visits to Rhodes, there is also a Dodecanese ranking in the Dutch amber list.

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