Eight women accuse French presidential candidate Zemmour of sexual assault

Eight women have accused far-right French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour of offensive behavior and sexual assault. The allegations relate to incidents between 1999 and 2019.

In a video clip on the French news site informative part Some of them testify to the camera. “He grabbed me by the hand, pushed me against the elevator wall and kissed me violently,” he said, “You have to thank me in a different way,” at which point he kissed me and stuck his tongue in my mouth. Some testimonies “It was twenty years ago, but I have to think about it all the time.” One victim said, “For me he does not deserve this position,” referring to the presidency.

Claire, one of the women, recounts how she did an internship in the newspaper at the age of eighteen le Figaro† When she was called for help due to a computer problem, she felt a beep’s hand move over her back. Pascal Sauvage, a former classmate of Zemmour, spoke to him about this and asked him not to bother the apprentice. Zemmour replied to this, according to Sauvage: “What if we can’t court the apprentices anymore? They are there for sucking and coffee.”

But Gael L’Enfant, the former head of the women’s rights section of the Socialist Party (PS), also witnessed how Zemmour kissed her violently during a holiday training session organized by the Socialist Party in La Rochelle. In a Facebook post, she wrote how she “pushed him in amazement and ran away.”

In December last year, the presidential candidate had already refused to respond to previous articles making allegations informative part† You do not have to answer this question. I’m not talking about my private life. These women are accusing me without providing evidence, it’s word for word.

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Once again, Zemmour declined to comment. Agence France-Presse stated that no complaints had been lodged France Press agency

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