How a poorly received film became required viewing in American schools

Dante’s Peak tells the story of volcanologist Harry Dalton, who warns of a The next volcanic eruption and insist on evacuation From Dante’s Peak Village. The residents don’t believe it, only café manager Rachel Wandow (played by Linda Hamilton) takes the warning seriously. On their quest to save the village, Harry and Rachel encounter poisonous gases, earthquakes, acid lakes, rivers of lava, and a violent barrage of falling rocks.

Disaster movies have a bad reputation drama To exaggerate at the expense of scientific rigor. But if you take some artistic license, “Dante’s Peak” stays fairly true to science – with a few exceptions. For example, there is a particular scene in which a violent earthquake, accompanied by an ash cloud, causes panic in the city and causes an evacuation. This scene is a mixture of fact and fiction. Although volcanic activity can be accompanied by earthquakes, they are usually the same Smaller size.

One of the most egregious examples of wrongs against science are sights lava flow. Volcanoes like the one on “Dante’s Peak” form on ridges subduction zones, where magma collects in the chambers. When the pressure reaches a critical point, it explodes magma through the earth’s crust. Where are these volcanoeslaharOf the water and debris down a mountainside that can wreak havoc, it’s unlikely that a pyroclastic flow would do the same. After all, it is the very type of lava that is responsible for the formation of the volcano stickyand thus can flow at a lower speed.

Where the movie still sins against science: At one point, Harry is driving his truck over a bed of crusty lava flow. His tires will not only explode, as in the movie, but also gas tank Caught in the heat of 1200 degrees.

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Many other visually dramatic scenes more accurate. Air filled with volcanic ash can shoot down a helicopter. Volcanoes can produce powerful eruptions, with a kind of lava, gas and rock heat that eventually destroys Dante’s Peak City. And yes, Harry and Rachel can escape the heat and power of a lava flow with a mine shaft to drive in. And finally, volcanic activity can acidify lake waters — just not over the course of a few hours, like in the movie.

The flag of Dante’s Peak certainly holds up better than its contemporary flag,”volcano‘, also released in 1997. En settings From “Dante’s Peak” is a minute, as it is set in the Cascade Volcanic Range, which lies along a subduction zone.

Volcanologists seem to agree that the filmmakers were largely right, but point out that it was probably their biggest mistake. human behaviourNot with the volcano. After signs of an imminent eruption emerge, they say it is unrealistic for the mayor and the USGS team to wait until the next day for an evacuation meeting.

Small date casting: “Dante’s Peak” was one of the most expensive productions ever made at the time. Around the release date, a competition between “Dante’s Peak” and “volcanoIn December 1996, Universal paid large sums for full-page ads in twelve publications, including The New York Times, LA Times, USA Today, Time, Entertainment Weekly, and Newsweek. Disappointing box office: Universal will $98 million Recovering $178 million in proceeds, which turned out to be just enough to cover Advertising costs to cover.

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