Meta is changing the revenue model for creators on Facebook and Instagram

Anyone who makes Reels popular on Facebook and Instagram can earn money with it. This system now works a little differently.

Meta’s main source of income is at advertisements that you all see on Facebook and Instagram. This is also the case for those who make money with Reels on Instagram and Reels. Or at least it was. Facebook completely throws the revenue model out to creators to.

In 2021, Meta started a program that allowed content creators to earn money with Reels. In the beginning, only a select audience of creators could monetize their reels. Meta is now expanding this program and more people can sign up for it.

However, the payment model will also change. It will now depend on the performance of the reel: how often is your reel shown? Other factors, such as how often a reel has been shared and how long users have been watching it, haven’t played out yet. However, it is not unreasonable that they would do so at a later date, says Mita herself. Previously, the amount was calculated based on the advertising revenue on those reels. In order to earn money from the content you create, you must enable the advertising option.

The new payment model should above all give Reels creators an incentive to create more interesting reels. In this way, Facebook mainly wants to ensure that users stay longer on the platform and watch Reels more often.

The change will work well for both sides, such as Meta Reels creators. Calculating amounts based on ad revenue isn’t really fair: for example, creators have no influence over which ads are shown in their posts – and many other factors.

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