Noord-Holland Noord starts a broad collaboration in the field of health

NHN Gezond is a partnership between welfare and welfare organisations, educational institutions, municipalities, GGD and GGZ, health insurance companies and residents of the Noord-Holland Noord. The three regions of the Noord-Holland-Nord (Kop van Noord-Holland, West Friesland and Noord-Kenemerland) face different challenges. “The aging population is increasing, there are long waiting lists, there are fewer healthcare staff available, and the mental health of the population deserves attention,” the initiators say.

“NHN Gezond will deal with these challenges in the coming years,” says Fredo Krannen, Director of the VVT ​​Omring service provider. “We are committed to moving from care and disease to health and behavior, so that by 2030 we will be the healthiest region in the Netherlands! We realize that this will only work if we work together in the region, with a general outlook and coherence not around the population, but with and for them.”

The initiators understand that much is already being done in the region to improve health. They don’t want to reinvent the wheel. By working together and sharing ideas, NHN Gezond gained influence. So the wheel is not reinvented, but NHN Gezond is looking at how it can act as a balancing wheel to enhance what is already there.”

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