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In 2019, singer Tamta Godoeadze participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in Cyprus. Her new single My region It will be part of the soundtrack to the new film by Walloonian director and writer Thomas Ancora. His latest work is called The Losers Revolution And it will be in the halls in March.

Thomas Ancora noted that Tamta’s choice went very smoothly. In fact, it is friends With her and her manager Ioannis Kutsaftakis. While searching for a strong song for the trailer, credits and a scene in the movie, Thomas called the duo. Ioannis told me Tamta will release a new song soon. We listened to her together and immediately liked her. It was that simple! Thomas says.

Tamta crosses again the Greek borders with her new song “My Zone”, from …

Laid before This On Wednesday 22 January 2020


After Juan’s death, his school friends Simon, Mahdi, and Farid are invited to his funeral. His last wish is for them to throw his ashes in the face of the former bullies at the school meeting. In addition, friends have to start a “losing revolution” on social media. Since the trio only has twelve followers, they try to enlist Simon Henry’s brother’s help. He’s a celebrity, but he’s also in serious quarrel with Simon. from March 11 The film will be shown in Belgian cinemas.

Sean Dundt

at The Losers Revolution They are mainly Walloon actors, but in the movie he’s made by Sean Dundt Acting debut. The musician and presenter are also friends with Thomas Ancora and play a man who catches his wife in fornication. ‘In style the shining I start chasing these guys with a rifle, Sean told Het Laatste Nieuws.

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Here is the movie trailer:

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