Twitter may introduce podcasts: We already know this

Twitter is working on a podcast functionality, as per app code. The podcast will have a separate tab in the app, but exactly how it works isn’t clear yet. Twitter has also launched all of its audio spaces, known as Spaces.

Twitter podcast

Podcasts are growing in popularity and many tech companies are realizing their potential. Spotify works on a file Strong focus on podcastsbut now he also has Twitter Ambitions of openness to the center. Earlier, other social media apps like Facebook and Reddit also showed interest in podcasts.

In twitter code, reverse engineer Jin machun wong Discover a separate tab for podcasts on Twitter. We see the microphone icon for the podcast tab at the bottom, but that’s it. More details on how the feature works are not available yet.

Spaces and podcasts

Twitter launch In May 2021 Also a system that is actually very similar to podcasts. In Spaces, speakers can speak in front of a group of listeners. You will then hear people speaking live and it is also possible to ask the floor in such a space, for example to ask a question to the speakers. After the testing phase, Spaces launched in October available to everyone† In the meantime, it is also possible to post recordings of those spaces, making the system more like a podcast.

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The important difference is that those recordings for Spaces are currently only available for 30 days. It’s not clear if Twitter has plans to remove this limitation and turn the recorded spaces into some sort of audio streaming feature. This would also make podcasting on Twitter more accessible compared to other platforms.

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It is noticeable that Twitter is trying a lot of novelties at the same time. This is how it happened this year Opposition vote button for comments and a community system, which is a kind of reply to Facebook groups. Additionally, Twitter is working on a news feature, the ability to to write articles that are over the current limit of 240 characters.


Using the official Twitter application of the well-known social network, you can send short messages to the world or send private messages to people. You can send images or gif..

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